Thursday, May 19, 2011

a recycled Happy Birthday card

Welcome to CASE study #40.  Our amazing muse for this month is Sarah Martina Parker.  She is so talented I hope I do her cards justice.
This card is has some thing you might not expect, you see I was invited to a 70th Birthday paper where I could only bring a card if it was made out of Newspaper, cardboard or toilet paper.  Well I had two of the three.  See the white ruffle behind the medallion, well it's made of toilet paper! Then I cut a piece of cardboard and peeled off most of the front, dabbed my finger in white paint and rubbed the edges.  I scored the inside of the cardboard to try and get it to fold a little flatter.  It was a no go.  But fun to make!


Sarah Martina said...

This is SO, so pretty! Love the look of distressed cardboard. :)

lynn said...

just beautiful:)

lotte chew said...

Beautiful! love the idea of using recycled materials :D i'm following your blog!!