Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY Coffee Table

 Today I completed my first Pinterest DIY and turned a wire wooden spool into a personalized coffee table.
I started by sanding the "table". I tried to get most of the markings off. You can still see them but that's ok with me.  :)
Next I purchased White Wash paint and gave my table two coats.
Next I designed what I wanted to stencil on the top of the table.  I used my Cricut and Sure-Cuts-A-Lot to cut out my design.  Then I pulled off all the lettering and decorative parts to create a stencil.
Position the stencil on the table top and paint empty spots by babbing Black tole paint using a course or stiff brush.  I used two coats.

Lightly peel back the stencil and Ta-Da!!
Here's a full view of the top of my coffee table with my cat Puss photo bombing me :)

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Shannon White said...

Wow! That's So Cool Melyssa!! LOVE it!! And love the stencil you created too! 8-)