January 2012
Cricut Magazine
 "Out of this world", p. 80-81
 "Holidays", p. 44-45
 "Joy", p. 46-47
 "Holiday Joy", p. 90-91

Paper Crafts
 "Blue Skies", p. 24 (on line bonus project)
"My Valentine", p.61

 December 2011

Cricut Magazine
 "Let it Snow", p. (n/a)
"Keep Christmas", p. (n/a)

November 2011

Paper Crafts
Get Inspired Card Creations
"Happy Hauntings", p.64
"You mean the world", p.69
"Blooming Sympathy", p.81

A Card A Day 2012
"Bravo", p.67
"Be Jolly", p. (n/a)
"Christmas Deer", p. (n/a)
"Merry Christmas", p. 151
"Teacher You Rock", p.59
"Save the date", p.69
October 2011

Just Cards 2012
"Caffeine Confidents", p. (n/a)
"Fabulous Friends", p. (n/a)
"Fashionista", p. (n/a)

September 2011

Paper Crafts
Holiday Cards & More: Volume 6
"Joy Peace Love", p. (57)
"Let it Snow", p. (67)

Paper Crafts Simply Spooky

"Happy Birthday", p.76 

August 2011

Cricut Magazine
"Sweet Baby", p.124-125 + tutorial
"Wish you were here", p.74
"Under the Weather", p.55    

"Rocking Horse", p.33 

Just Cards
"Cherry Bomb", p.19 

May 2011

Cricut Magazine
"Ahoy", p.47
"Make a Splash", p.50 
"Sweet Day", p.75 
"Thank You", p.97 
"Thinking of you", p.105
"Bumblebee", p.110
"Let's Hang Out", p.126

Memory Makers  The Big Book of Scrapbook Pages
"Soar", Digital Scrapbook Page, p.33

 July 2011 
Paper Crafts:Card Creations Volume 9
"A Merry Christmas", pg 118

A Card a Day 2011
Hockey Coach Thanks, pg.34

January 2010

Paper Crafts Card Creations: Start to Finish
"Merry Christmas", pg.110

November 2010
Love (tag) pg.133
Sweet Love pg.100

April 2010
Cards: Scrap & Stamp Arts
"Luck and Fate", pg.43 #16
Just Cards
Winter 2010 
"Thinking of you", pg.109 

June 2009
Paper Crafts 225 Cards & Gifts 
"Happy Everything", pg.12

Canadian Scrapbooker Summer 2009
(Digital Scrapbook pages)
"Soaked", pg.115

Canadian Scrapbooker Fall 2009
 Passport to Creativity feature (Digital Scrapbook pages)
"Got Milk", pg.86

"Happiness", pg. 87
"I wanna be Elvis", pg.87

Memory Makers (digital pages)

Creative Scrapbooking with your Computer
"Magical", pg. 53
"Hardest thing about being a Parent", pg. 101

All Kid's scrapbooking Pages
"100% Best Friends", pg.57