Saturday, October 31, 2015

Felt Owl and Twine wearable

So it was my turn to show you a wearable way to use twine from The Twinery and I thought I would make a little owl brouch.  Here's what I did.

1. Cut 2 owl body shapes from felt plus 2 small circles of white felt for eyes.  
2. Cut a piece of fabric for the belly of the owl.
 3. I used fusiable webbing to "glue" the fabric to the felt.  This was just to keep it in place so I can sew it.
 4. I used the webbing to glue the eyes and beak.  Again to keep everything in place to hand stictch later.
 5. Since the Twine is made up of 4 strands I seperated them into 2 halves.  This made it easier to thread through a needle.
 6. Before completely stitching around the owl I lightly stuffed it. I added just enough to give it a puffy look not a stuffed look. (it that makes sense )  :)
 7. Now I hot glued a strip of self adhering velcro to the owl back.
Now all I had to do was wrap the velcro around my dogs collar and she's my little fashionesta

 or you can add a broach pin or hair clip to the back.  In this one I used the remaining 2 strands of twine and threaded it through some beads, tied a knot at the end and ta-da legs!!

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