Sunday, February 1, 2009

Flowers, a Heart and a Frosted Card

So this morning I woke up with an image on my mind. This card! I had to get up and try to re-create what I could remember from my vision. It’s not exactly what I woke up with but it’s close. I made the card on a Frosted Sheet from ShortCuts because I love the soft look of the frosted card. And if I want to add more colour I can always slip some paper behind the image and the frosted top will give is a soft muted look.
Make a heart shape (I wanted something wide and short).
Squeeze out some Liquid Pearls onto a scrap of paper.
Using a fine tip paintbrush pick up some colour and paint the flowers (from the centre out).
Dab a small amount of Diamond Glaze into the centre of the flower and add the Seed Pearls.
Glue the finished flowers onto the heart shape. (it took 17 flowers to cover my heart).

Frosted Sheet-ShortCuts.
Liquid Pearls Petal Pink-Ranger
Diamond Glaze-Judi Kins
Pink Paper-Sweetwater


Joy said...

melyssa, this is sooooo classic and elegant, I love it!

jenifer said...

So beautiful card!! It is best as valentine gift... Love this!!

Dru said...

This is beautiful!!!

Ingrid said...

Melyssa, this is soooooo gorgeous. Love it!

Jennifer Scull said...

beautiful! I love this use of primas! I enjoy using them in an 'out of the box/bottle' kinda way myself every once in a while!! :)

Tiffany Bauer said...

What an awesome card,so pretty!!!!

Scrubbysue said...

so pretty! and very feminine. TFS!

Kathi said...

Stunning card and such a great way to get rid of the thousands of Primas that I have.