Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's ShortCuts Thursday

that's right it's time to share more of my favorite ShortCuts cards!  Today's card is from waaaay back.  I used ShortCuts frosted card blank to make this card look soft to go with the soft colours of the bird.  You can still see what in inside the card but it's slightly muted by the frosted card.  The bird is paperpieced with a little inking and glitter added. 


Nicole said...

WOW, this is just stunning, Melyssa! Love all the layers! Coloring is wonderful!

Tammi said...

Oh wow, this is gorgeous! Beautiful bird and love it on that type of paper.

I just found your blog through Katharina's and then got sidetracked when I saw your cute little gingerbread on top, so had to go check them out, your images are darling, especially the gingerbread, had to buy a few. ;)