Thursday, October 15, 2009

ShortCuts Thursday

Well it's that time of the week to show you some of my favorite ShortCuts cards.  These cards are from July.  This first card is my favorite becuse it was the first time I tried to make what I call "clusters" on a card  ( a little grouping of elements as the focus).

I find making masculin cards a little difficult.  So when I finished this card I was so proud that I managed to keep it boyish.

I'm pretty sure this card was my first attempt at creating a samp background on a clear card.  I stamped various stars and added clear jems all flowing towards the bottom of the card drawing your attention to the sentiment.

So you love clear cards yet??  I know they are my favorite to make.
Start having some fun with clear cards today... stop by ShortCuts, they are having a sale!! 


Kelly Landers said...

What awesome clear cards Melyssa! I like using clear bases too, but I am still working on getting them just right!! You have it down pat!

Yvette said...

These are super cute and fun! I've never tried using clear bases, but you make them look so easy. The first one is my fav; love the grouping!