Monday, November 23, 2009

Whimsie in Times Square

Well hello there!  I'm so glad to be home!  New York was amazing, the hotel was just a few doors down from Times Square.  I did remember to take Whimsie with me and here's a pic of us in Times Square.  If you don't know what's up with Whimsie check out the Flicker Group for Whimsie Doodles to find out how to get the traveling Whimsie for free.  Bascially we are hoping to see all the places Whimsie has visited.

see ya tommorrow!

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~*Joni said...

I ♥ NY!! I loved Times Square, and your pic brought back so many awesome memories! Thank goodness you were carrying Whimsie, I would hate for her to get intimidated by all those honking taxis!! :D