Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trees times 6

So I've been thinking about selling my cards at a craft fair this year.  And if I am doing this I probably should have mulitples of the same card.  Well I'm not so good at making the same card over and over again and end up making slight variations of the original.  It keeps things interesting!  Here's my attempt at (re) making the same card over and over again.
Here is what I started with.  I thought it was cute and versatile so maybe I should make more but with le 6ss hearts and maybe a border of some kind.
Ok so then I thought the hearts are cute so let's try the acorns.
Ok now let's try it with just leaves!
Hummm I think I should try an autumn sceen
Now what would it look like with two trees and an owl???
Last but not least, what would the sceen look like with the muffin hot air balloon?
Thanks for stopping, I hope you enjoyed the journey into my mind's eye.mind!

Land-Spellbinders Paisley die
Cardstocks-Papertrey Ink
Traditional Eyelet border punch-Martha Stewart
Some of the clouds were coloured with Prisma White Colouring Pencil


daisydilly (vicki) said...

Wow like all the cards. Even though they are they same they are still different. You could also make 2 or 3 of the same card, put 2 out for sale and keep the 3rd one for display and if someone really likes it they won't mind paying a bit extra to have it made and sent to them. I use to do multiples when I did my woodcrafting things ( most ornaments) but while they were all the same they all had something different about them. It's way too hard to do an exact twin if you are doing strictly handcrafting. Also having a bit of difference--even slightly-makes your buyer know they are truly getting something handcrafted by you and not made by the zillions from somewhere else. That very reason is why I outsold tons of other crafters.

Good luck

Cindy H. said...

Well, these are all darling! I think if someone likes one, they may buy them all as it would be too hard to decide :) Good luck!!

Sheri (a.k.a PaperCrafty) said...

WOW!! These are amazing, Melyssa!! I am such a huge fan of yours!! Good Luck with the craft sale, your cards will be a huge hit!! Thanks for the tip about the paisley nestie for the land. I have it but have never used it.

Shaela said...

these are so cute!! good luck with the show; I have done a few myself and they are always lots of work but fun as well. I usually average $300-$500 but I got into a REALLY big art show in 2008 and sold $1400 - woohoo!

Shasta said...

These are adorable!!

Katie Skiff said...

THese are so cute!
I am selling my cards at a local coffee shop, but also at one fair in Nov. The only ones that are ever requested to be similar are the Thank You sets I make. Otherwise I make all mine different. Good luck with selling them!!

Christine Blain said...

Gorgeous cards - love them all! You'll have no trouble selling them; you will probably just struggle to keep up with demand. Do you post to Australia?? LOL. Thanks for sharing.

kimmie_35 said...

I love all your cards... they are great! Good luck with your selling...

Kelly Booth said...

WOW!!! This set is just Fabulous...I LOVE them all!! Especially love the muffin as a Hot air Balloon!!

CraftyDee said...

Oh WOW these cards are fantastic!! I'm sure they will sell like crazy :-)

Tammy said...

I like them all. You should sell lots because it is hard just to pick one.