Monday, December 5, 2011

Homemade Christmas tree display

Today's post started with an email to my hubby.  You see I love to find things and re-create them or better yet have my husband make it.  So when I saw a Christmas tree made out of wooden dowels to hold cards I knew I had to have one to display the snowflake and star tags I made for a local craft fair.  So I sent hubby an email with a photo attached with the subject line "can you build this" and he replied "yes, what size do you want?"  Isn't he great???  Here's the stand he made
 I thought the star needed something so I grabbed the tree die by Torico to make holly leaves here's a little glimpse at how I put it together.

1. Die cut 2 christmas trees from felt
2. Fold the trees in half and stitch
3. Lay trees flat and arrange them as desired and attach button.

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Torico said...

Your hubby is amazing!!! And it is so clever you used the tree die to make holly leaves.