Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Caught the sewing bug.

I haven't sewn a thing in probably a year, I love to sew and missed it a lot.  The only thing stopping be was that I couldn't find the cord to my machine. My hubby put my sewing machine in my craft room and from there the cord got lost.  I've tried various times to find it and even thought I ought to clean my craft room and I'd find it.  Nah!!! Anyway I started a full time job sewing underwear for a factory and got so excited about it I'd come home and start looking for the stupid cord. No luck.  So I started to pout.  Hubby then looked for the cord, I told him he's wasting his time as he couldn't find his shoes even if he were wearing them. But he looked despite me. (I just didn't want him to be snooping in my craft room) and wouldn't you know he FOUND it!! Oh my goodness the sewing madness kicked into high gear and for the last two weeks I've been sewing (in addition to sewing for 8 hours a day at work)
Here's what I made...Dog Hanker-chiefs and neck ties that loop right on a collar. Aren't they just Posh??

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mgpm said...

What a CUTE idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing this! I'm trying to inspire my daughter to sew some things and she loves these too.