Monday, December 1, 2008

Short Cuts Frosted Sheet Snowflake tree

I did it again...I just can't stop playing with Short Cuts Frosted Sheets.
To make the tree all I did was roll the Frosted Sheet into a cone shape, glue and trim the bottom until it sat flat. Then now heres the fun part...

I suckered ooppps I mean I asked my husband to help punch some snowflakes, he punched one kind and I punched another.
Then I used glue dots to adhere the snowflakes to the cone...errrr Tree.
I attached the buttons the same way (glue dots).
Made the star (please see instructions below)
Then cut 2 circles out (1 red and 1 slightly larger white) stitched for effect and ta-da a tree skirt!!

Why did I use Frosted Sheets do you ask???
Wellllll as you can see from the above photo I slipped an LED flameless candle inside the tree so it lights up, if I used solid white cardstock the tree wouldn't have that "romantic glow"!

Make your own tree template simply by taking a piece of paper, rolling it into a cone shape.
Once you have the desired shape you will want to tape all the seams together.
Then trim the access paper off the bottom, stand up the cone, and trim again until it stands flat.
Cut down the centre of the tree, starting at the base through to the top.
Use your new template to trace onto your desired paper, for mine I traced onto a Frosted Sheet of acetate.
**Make sure you add about ½’ to one of the side seams, you will need this extra piece to glue one side to the other.
Now decorate
I used glue dots to stick snowflakes to the tree, sewing straight pins with the little painted heads would be really cute to hold the snowflakes on.

For the “tree skirt” just cut a circle larger than the base of the tree and matt.

**Important…remember to use FLAMELESS tea lights for inside the tree or your tree will be doing more than just glowing!!

Frosted sheet 8.5x11"=Short Cuts
Snowflake Punch-Martha Stewart
Red buttons-Making Memories
Stamps-Shining Star-CTMH
Bear-Mine (you can't have'em)


Gina Lindsay said...

That is so beautiful! The light really does make it look special.

Amy J said...

Wow, you have been busy. Some super cute ideas lately! I love the hurricane lamp!

Kimmie said...

Talk about a lot of work - that looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

This is so gorgeous! You are truly talented...I love it!

Conni said...

what a super idea, it looks great!!

Carmen said...

Awesome!!!! TFS

Jennifer Scull said...

cute tree! how nice that hubby helped! mine only helps if it involves eating chocolate! ;)

specialcraftmom4 said...

This is really neat! Thanks for sharing how to make this (:

Sara said...

this is so cool, TFS

Cracker Scraps said...

Congratulations on your new position on the DT at Short Cuts! Your work is very beautiful and I appreciate the tutorials! I'm sure you'll have some great items coming up this new year!

Love that dove! Have to go home and try to reproduce it with my leftover short cut products!

Mary said...

You are very talented; I love your blog. TFS

C.Good said...

Totally love the tree and thanks so much for sharing.