Monday, August 8, 2011


I knew when I purchased my Cricut Expression that I probably wouldn't use it much.  Although I sore to my husband that I'd have all kinds of uses for it.  I do, I just don't act on many!  But what I didn't anticipate is how much I'd love using it.  When I wipe the dust of and fire it up I can't stop myself, I usually run out of time.  So I put all my cuts in baggies and when I'm inspired I break open a few and start assembling.  Here is one of my favorite cards using the Create a Critter cartridge.
Cricut Cartridge-Create a Critter
Fish (2") pg 43
Seaweed pg 43
Ahoy pg 42
Starfish pg 41
Clam pg 40

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Sheri Gilson said...

Super cute, M!! Love how you layered the images!! I only have the baby Cricut and well it' sitting under tons of dust...LOL