Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I'm lacing up my twine

Today as a team member of The Twinery I was challenged to create a decor piece using twine. So as I was painting figure skates black and stuffing them with winter greenery I thought to myself why can't I use these as outside decor.  It's meant to decorate your door but it could also hang on walls and the twine is perfect for laces on the skates. 
I choose The Twinery white and Maraschion Shimmer because it reminds me of candy canes and plus it GLITTERS!!  The second skate a more vintage look with the solid Maraschion twine and rusty bells.

The trick to thread to skates is to wrap tight each twine end with tape or cooled to touch hot glue.  It will create a hardened end and will easily push through the skate eyelets.


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