Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Card

Well I haven't taken out my Lizzie Anne Designs stamps in awhile.
Is there a name for the technique of taking a designer page and making multiple cards from it? It's my favorite thing to do lately. I end up making a group of cards and adding an image later. (basically whatever fits). But I'd like to know or give this "technique" a name. Is it frugel card crafting?

I used watercolour pencils to colour this image. My markers are drying out on me already!! I guess that happens when they are a number of years old. LOL


Katie Skiff said...

Is that what they call a one sheet wonder? I don't know. This is too cute. Thanks for sharing.

WickedPixie said...

So pretty!
I know there is a name for when you stamp a sheet of paper and use that to make multiple cards (although I can't remember what that is called - maybe one-sheet wonders?) but I don't have any clue about one multiple cards from one sheet of DP. (Except gorgeous in hte case of your card!!) :-)Traci