Sunday, May 25, 2014

Entwined with Daisies

A while ago I purchased Yo Yo's from Etsy.  I know they are fairly simple to make but I figured by the time I buy a bunch of bits of material then cut out the circles (I would of die cut them) then fold under the edges and stitch and pull them together it would be much easier to just click "buy now" and wait. :)  Then poof they appear in my mailbox. Meanwhile I also purchased this adorable daisy die and cut some felt flowers.  A little hot glue, some twine bows through the buttons and ta da....yo yo daisy's.
No just hot glue them to hair cllips...
Daisy Hair clips
or pin backs

or Shoe clips

or Daisy cat and dog collar embellishments

Twine-Natural:The Twinery
Yo-Yo's:Etsy-Back Yard Prims

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